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Buying Brass Instruments Online

Buying Brass Instruments Online


Buying Brass Instruments Online

By Harald Hoel

Buying brass instruments online can be an intricate matter. Since the internet was established sellers found a new and great way to market their products. Many increased their sales significantly and became much more profitable. Well established sellers sat up their websites and got new customers from all over the world which was a new challenge to them. New sellers also established their businesses and competition grew.

Purchasing brass instruments online is easy and gives customers much more items to choose from. Prices are also in a wider range and you can buy brass instruments very cheap or very expensive. If you have a dealer in your home town its more likely to find a cheaper instrument online even with shipping expenses. Compared to buying brass instruments from a local dealer you have to take some chances when buying online. In a musical instrument shop you will have the actual brass instrument in your hands and will easily discover damages or other errors. You can also play the instrument and check how it sounds and how it works.That is the main benefit buying from a local dealer.

Buying brass instruments online is taking certain chances. You have to trust the seller and try to gain as much information you can about the actual instrument. Its crucial that you check the seller carefully. How long has he been in the trade and how is his feedback? Check or ask for references and be very careful if you consider buying from a new and unknown dealer. If the instrument online does not display in photos you have to ask the seller to take good high resolution pictures from all angels. Study them carefully and ask the seller about things you might discover on the photos. Small damages must give you lower price, bigger damages must keep you away from buying the actual instrument.

So the message is; use the inside of your head when buying brass instruments online and you will experience buying a cheap, high quality instrument which will please you in many years to come.

Good Luck!

Harald Hoel, expert of brass instruments.

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Mar 05

The 14th Century Instrument The Sackbut

The 14th Century Instrument The Sackbut

The 14th Century Instrument The Sackbut by Victor Epand

When looking at a sackbut, the first thing that someone will probably think is that it appears to closely resemble the trombone. The sackbut is, in fact, the ancestor of the trombone and was often used in music during the Baroque and Renaissance periods. It is a member of the brass family, which is obvious to most people, and was very popular in the past. As time went on and music changed, the sackbut started to lose its popularity as newer instruments took its place. Many might not think that the sackbut is used today, but it is starting to become an interest for many musicians in modern music.

The original name of this particular instrument is interesting and there is some speculation as to where it came from. Regardless of where its original name came from, the instrument is now usually referred to as a trombone, which is a name that is thought to have originated from Italy. The predecessor to this instrument is the trumpet, a simpler instrument that is also a member of the brass instrument family. The change to the sackbut is believed to have happened during the late 14th century. It was also during this time that the instrument was altered to include bends, curves and eventually loops that make the instrument recognizable as the modern trombone.

After the major changes were made to the instrument, some minor alterations occurred later on to perfect the instrument. There were four different sizes of the instrument in order to hit different pitches, including the alto, tenor, bass and double bass.

As mentioned before, the popularity of the sackbut declined as trombones and other instruments were favored over them in the newer music; however, the instrument did not completely die away. It continues to be played, even today as more musicians decide to go for it instead of the more modern instruments. It has been around for a long time and is an instrument that is still a rewarding one to play for anyone who may have an interest in it, but it still lacks in popularity.

Finding the opportunity to learn how to play the instrument in class might not be as easy as it is to try out another, more modern brass instrument. It can be a little more difficult to learn how to play as well, because one has to have good control over their breathing and the instrument. It is far easier to make the wrong sounds than it is to make the right notes.

If chosen to play, the instrument can take much practice and time to master, much like the trombone. Really, they are both fairly similar in so many ways, so finding a teacher might not be as difficult as some might believe. It all really depends on whether someone is really interested in it enough to put in the effort to learn how to play it.

The sackbut is an older instrument that has been around for a very long time, but it is still around and some continue to play it. There are even some musicians who have chosen to give it a try over the trombone they typically play.

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Article Source: The 14th Century Instrument The Sackbut

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Sep 09

Tips For Preserving Your Brass Instrument

Brass instruments in the Musical Instrument Mu...

Brass instruments in the Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels, Belgium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tips for preserving your brass instrument

Tips for preserving your brass instrument by gjedda63

Here is some tips for restoring your brass instrument.On a new instrument the valves are greased by the manufacturer. This grease must be removed and the valves has to be oiled with valve oil. Often it is sufficient to dry the valves with a cloth and lubricate the valves well with valve oil. This should be done several times in the first few days.To secure smooth movement in the valves, it is important to press straight down. If you press sideways it will entail wear and the valves will rapidly become slow and kan be stuck. Make sure the valves always are lubricated. NB! Instruments with rotating valves requires a special oil. Do not use regular valve oil.

Brass instruments are vulnerable against pushes og blows. Put the instrument in the original casing when you are not playing it. It is awful aggravating to

have a dent(even if the instrument is old). If you should be unlucky and loose your instrument,or one way or another cause it a dent, it does not have to mean anything for the instruments functionality. If you are really unlucky and damage the valve system, it usually have to be repaired by an instrument maker.

Brass instruments needs regularly cleaning and maintenance. Be careful when you wash your instruments so you do not cause it pushes and blows. Remove all valves, bottom pads,springs and hoops. (NB! rotating valves must not be disassembled). Do not use raw force. The parts should easily come apart, without using pliers and such. Put the instrument and the parts into tepid and mild soap water.

The valves must be washed under running water. (the valves are hollow so they can be easyily cleaned). Use a flexibel brush (special brush) to clean the instrument and hoops inside. In the valve house use a valve brush.

Instrument and parts is cleaned outside with a soft cloth. Wash well in tepid water to remove all remainings of soap. Dry off outside with a soft cloth to avoid discolor. You may have to turn and twist it few times to remove all water remains. Let the instrument dry well inside.

Before you assemble the instrument grease all hoops with hoop grease, and the valves with valve oil (make sure everything are in the right place).

Silver coated instruments are washed in hot water. The water must not be warmer than you can put your hands into it. Do use a mild dishwash soap (if you use too strong dishwash soap it will remove all grease and damage the soldering of the instrument).

Fernissed instruments have a thin layer of lacquer to keep the gloss in the instrument (the lacquer has no significance to the sound). If one use too high

temperature and /or too strong soap in the water when cleaning, the lacquer might damage. Use mild soap water. Some types acids / bases will also damage the lacquer.

The mouthpiece is important to have a good sound in the instrument. It will always be condens in the mouthpiece when playing. If it is remains of food and drink, this will corrode on the mouthpiece. Coating og rust leads to decreased quality sound of the instrument. Put the mouthpiece into tepid soap water. Clean it with a mouthpiece brush and wash well afterwords. Always lubricate the valve system before you start to play.

Harald Hoel,expert on brass instruments
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Article Source: Tips for preserving your brass instrument

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Jun 26

Top Ten Student Trumpets


Trumpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top Ten Student Trumpets by TechGuru

The name which tops the list of Top 10 Student’s Trumpet is no doubt the Yamaha YTR 2335. Yamaha is a reliable student Bb trumpet. It is a medium weight trumpet with an outstanding tone and playability. Excellent sound and great durability has earned this trumpet second place on our list of Top Ten Student’s Trumpet. Among the new brands, it is the most recommended trumpet and is the ideal instrument to begin the journey in the world of music. A brand new Yamaha YTR 2335 Student Trumpet is priced at around $1000; but you can get a used Yamaha YTR student trumpet in great condition for around $200 to $400.

Bach TR300 Student Trumpet, is second on our list of Top 10 Student’s Trumpet, is a good Bb trumpet designed especially for the students. It has excellent valve action and slide function; it produces clear sound and is easy to play.

Third in line is the good old Olds Ambassador. Excellent responsiveness, superb tone, smooth valve action and above all they are extremely durable. The quality and playability of an Olds Ambassador Student Trumpet is unparalleled. Due to the closure of the plant, the original Olds models are not being manufactured; however you can find many used Olds Ambassador Student Trumpets for sale within online stores.
With its warm tone and silver plate finish, the Getzen Student Trumpet stands forth on our list of Top Ten Student Trumpets. High quality, excellent feel, excellent intonation, good tonal color and built to last properties have made Getzen Student Trumpets quite popular.

We have placed the free blowing, easy to play Kanstul Student Trumpet fifth on our list. The rich tone, smooth valve slides, quick response and excellent intonation are some features of Kanstul Student Trumpets.

Conn Student Trumpets comes in sixth on the list. The Conn 201BR Bb Student Trumpet has great flexibility, a clear, clean sound and nice tone. It has almost all the features a student requires.

600NL, Jupiter Student Trumpets have made it to 7th on our list of Top 10 Student Trumpets. Jupiter has earned the reputation of producing high quality reliable student trumpets. The Jupiter 600NL has an overall good sound quality and decent tone. Quick response and swift valve action are other qualities of the Jupiter 600NL. It however needs improvement with its feel and finish.

Accent Student Trumpet occupies the eighth position. It is made in Germany and is quite durable. Lovely tone, good intonation and decently built are among the leading features of this trumpet. Though it is a good beginner’s instrument, some issues with their valves place it at number 8.

In the 9th position is the King Student Trumpet. The King Model Bb 601 Student Trumpet is a good beginner’s instrument with wonderful sound and superb valve action. Great tone and responsiveness made them ideal for beginners but the inconsistent finish is the biggest drawback of this otherwise excellent horn. These horns can be purchased in the range of $100 to $150

The Besson 609X1 Student Trumpet is at the tenth position on the list of Top Ten Student’s Trumpet list. The Besson 609X1 is an affordable student trumpet with good tone quality, nice finish and ease of playing but its clanky valves puts this trumpet in our last place position.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Top 10 Student Trumpets. Here is more information where you can buy Student Trumpets at Amazing prices or find Professional Trumpets here

Article Source: Top Ten Student Trumpets

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Jun 03

Do You Want To Learn The Trombone?

Tommy Dorsey, in The Fabulous Dorseys

Tommy Dorsey, in The Fabulous Dorseys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do You Want to Learn the Trombone? by amit6060

The trombone is a organ of the brass folks and the horn and occur in distinct sizes. The on the whole everyday ones are the way sized or gist trombone and superior sized or bass trombone which are both oblique in Bb. They yield leaden sounds which are junior than the trumpet and are used as soon as the orchestra is on stage loud sections or in harmony with the top horn and trumpet parts.

Trombones tolerate a cylindrical shaped tube and a cup shaped agent and are allied to the trumpets. But as a substitute of valves which a trumpet has, a trombone has a moveable slide which moves in and out cold. A player will finish the slide by the side of several of the seven positions to grow the range of remarks existing to yield. At several of the positions a chain of remarks can be produced by tightening or slackening his lips. The remarks produced are a chain of natural remarks called harmonics. When the slide is pulled out cold completely, the range of remarks which can be produced will offer downwards on behalf of six semitones.

Like other brass instruments, the sound of the trombone is produced by blowing air through pursed lips producing a vibration so as to creates a status wave in the instrument. When the player moves the slide out cold it extends the extent of the air rank and lowers the pitch.

Trombones are played in a variety of situations like orchestras, martial bands, jazz bands, dance bands eg the roomy crowd. Orchestras normally tolerate two tenors and single bass trombone. The other groups having untrustworthy statistics of trombone players.

Let’s take a look by the side of two well common trombone players.

1. Slide Hampton (Locksley Wellington “Slide” Hampton ) was a famous American trombonist, composer and arranger who played all around Europe subsequently he was in his dad’s crowd, named Hampton’s Band. He toured with them a assortment and is probably the top role replica on behalf of preparatory trombonists. Slide Hampton was born in 1932.

2.Tommy Dorsey ( Thomas Francis Dorsey ) was a absolute American jazz trombone player as well as a trumpeter, composer, and bandleader of the Big Band era. He had a smooth-toned trombone on stage grandeur and was common as “The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing”. He is famous on behalf of The Spell of the Blues and The Boogie Woogie. Tommy Dorsey was born November 19, 1905 and died November 26, 1956.

You in a jiffy know so as to the trombone is a brass instrument of untrustworthy sizes and can be played in a variety of situations. You tolerate been specified examples of two well know trombonists which possibly will look up on YouTube and perceive if the sound tantalizes your taste buds.

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Article Source: Do You Want to Learn the Trombone?

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May 15

The Sliding Jazzy Music Of The Trombone

English: Drawing of a double slide trombone.

English: Drawing of a double slide trombone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sliding Jazzy Music of the Trombone by Victor Epand

The trombone is a wind instrument that belongs to the brass family. Like other brass instruments, the trombone is played by someone blowing into the instrument through closed lips in order to create the sound. What makes this particular instrument stand out is the slide that is used to change the length of the tube and create different pitches; however, there are some variations of the trombone that uses three valves that are quite similar to the ones on the trumpet. The version of the trombone that uses the slide is the more common one used by musicians who favor the trombone.

Trombones have been around for a very long time, though they were only referred to as trombones in the late 19th century. Before this time, trombones were known as sackbuts. While both instruments resemble each other in appearance, there are quite a few differences. Over time, the instrument changed as it was perfected into the trombone that most are familiar with today. What differs most between the trombone and the earlier model is the slide the trombone is now equipped with, as well as a bell that is more flared.

Today’s trombone is also a little larger than the sackbuts. Even after these changes, the instrument is not necessarily more difficult to play than its ancestor. In fact, the instrument will be a little easier to play and have more flexibility and range than the sackbut, though it is still an instrument that can take a little getting used to when first learning how to play it.

It is not uncommon for the trombone to be used in school bands. This particular instrument is not an overly expensive one to start with, but it is also easily found in used music stores at a reduced price. The music for the trombone is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Another attraction to this instrument in public schools is in how easy it is to learn how to play. This is not to say it is extremely easy.

Learning how to control one’s breathing as well as how to move the slide to the right spots to create the right pitch can be tricky at first. It is an instrument that is easy to get a sound out of, but it is one that will need time and patience before it is mastered. Becoming familiar with where the slide must sit in order to create the right pitch is probably one of the most difficult parts when first trying to play this instrument; however, learning how to read the music right and quickly catching onto the idea of how it is supposed to be played makes it a welcome addition to school bands, because the basics are not hard to learn. As is true with most anything, students who take the time to practice their instruments will usually excel faster than their peers who don’t practice as much. Someone who is serious about learning how to play the trombone well will often have little trouble playing this instrument well.

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Article Source: The Sliding Jazzy Music of the Trombone

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Apr 18

What Types Of Instruments Make Up A Marching Band?

English: Marching Band in Kirkcudbright

English: Marching Band in Kirkcudbright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Types of Instruments Make Up a Marching Band?

by Amanda Storer

Marching Bands are staples at high schools and even some college campuses around the U.S. Instruments found at store like J&R Music and Computer world and Musician’s Friend are used in most of these marching bands. In every band, you will find the following instruments:


These instruments are so named because they generally produce noise by passing air over or through a wooden reed. The flute is the exception to this basic rule. Besides the flute, other marching band woodwinds include alto saxophones and clarinets. Some bands may also choose to march to bass clarinets, tenor saxophones and piccolos, which are smaller and higher pitched flutes.


The powerhouse of the marching band brass instruments are made up of horns. They do not have to be brass colored, however. Instruments in this section include the tuba and the trumpet. You will also find either marching French horns or their bell-front alternative the mellophone. You will find marching trombones in some bands, though most opt for the bell-front version called the baritone.


This section includes all rhythm instruments. This encompasses not only field instruments like snare drums, quads and bass drums, but also the many instruments in the “pit” area. These often include a xylophone, cymbals, keyboards and any other auxiliary instrument.

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Article Source: What Types of Instruments Make Up a Marching Band?

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